Máy đo sóng số TBS1052C

Máy đo sóng số TBS1052C

Thông số kỹ thuật máy hiện sóng số Tektronix TBS1052C

Parameters Máy hiện sóng TBS1052C Máy hiện sóng TBS1072C Máy hiện sóng TBS1102C Máy hiện sóng TBS1202C
Bandwidth 50 MHz 70 MHz 100 MHz 200 MHz
Channels 2 2 2 2
Sample Rate 1 GS/s 1 GS/s 1 GS/s 1 GS/s
Record Length 20 K points 20 K points 20 K points 20 K points

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Vertical resolution 8 bits

Input sensitivity range
1 mV/div to 10 V/div max. in 1-2-5 sequence with probe attenuation set to 1X

DC gain accuracy
±3.0 % step gain, derated at 0.1 %/°C above 30 °C

Maximum Input Voltage
300 VRMS, Installation Category II; derate above 4 MHz at 20 dB per decade to 200 MHz

Offset range

1 mV/div to 50 mV/div: ± 1 V

100 mV/div to 500 mV/div: ± 10 V

1 V/div to 5 V/div : ± 100 V

Bandwidth limit
20 MHz (Typ)

Input coupling

Input impedance
1 MΩ ±2 % in parallel with 14 pF ±2 pF

Vertical zoom
Vertically expand or compress a live or stopped waveform

Acquisition modes

Acquire sampled values
Peak Detect
Captures glitches as narrow as 4 nsec at all sweep speeds.
From 2 to 256 waveforms included in average.
Averages multiple sample of one acquisition interval into one waveform point.
Scrolls waveforms right to left across the screen at sweep speeds slower than or equal to 40 ms/div

Horizontal system – Analog channels

Timebase accuracy
±25 x 10-6 over any >1 ms interval

Timebase range

TBS1202C, TBS1052C, TBS1072C, TBS1102C
2 ns/div to 100 sec/div in a 1-2-4 sequence

Horizontal zoom
Horizontally expand or compress a live or stopped waveform

Deskew range
± 100 nsec

Trigger system

External trigger input
Included on all models

Trigger modes
Auto, Normal, Single Sequence

Trigger Types

Positive or negative slope on any channel. Coupling includes DC, HF reject, LF reject, and noise reject.
Pulse Width
Trigger on width of positive or negative pulses that are >, <, =, or ≠ a specified period of time.
Trigger on a pulse that crosses one threshold but fails to cross a second threshold before crossing the first again.

Trigger source
CH1, CH2, AUX IN, AC Line

Trigger Coupling
DC, Noise Reject, High Frequency Reject, Low Frequency Reject

Trigger signal frequency readout
Provides a frequency readout of the trigger source up to instrument bandwidth.

Waveform measurements

Time, Amplitude, Screen

Automated measurements
32, of which up to six can be displayed on-screen at any one time. Measurements include: Period, Frequency, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Duty Cycle, Negative Duty Cycle, Positive Pulse Width, Negative Pulse Width, Burst Width, Phase, Positive Overshoot, Negative Overshoot, Peak to Peak, Amplitude, High, Low, Max, Min, Mean, Cycle Mean, RMS, Cycle RMS, Positive Pulse Count, Negative Pulse Count, Rising Edge Count, Falling Edge Count, Area, Cycle Area, Delay FR, Delay FF, Delay FR, and Delay RR.

Isolate the specific occurrence within an acquisition to take measurements on, using either the screen, between waveform cursors or full record length.

Waveform math

Add, Subtract, and Multiply waveforms

Spectral magnitude. Set FFT Vertical Scale to Linear RMS or dBV RMS, and FFT Window to Rectangular, Hamming, Hanning, or Blackman-Harris.

Display system

Display Type
7-inch TFT Color Display

Display Resolution
800 horizontal by 480 vertical displayed pixels (WVGA)

Waveform styles
Vectors, Variable persistence, and Infinite persistence.

YT and XY

Input Output Ports

USB 2.0 Host Port
Supports USB mass storage devices

USB 2.0 device port
Rear-panel connector allows for communication/control of oscilloscope through USBTMC or GPIB with a TEK-USB-488

Probe Compensator

5 V

1 KHz

Kensington Style Lock
Rear-panel security slot connects to standard Kensington style lock

Power source

Power source
100 to 240 VAC RMS ±10%

Power source frequency
45 Hz to 65 Hz (100 to 240 V)
360 Hz to 440 Hz (100 to 132 V)

Power consumption
30 W maximum

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