Que đo cao áp Tektronix P5122

Que đo cao áp Tektronix P5122

Thông số kỹ thuật Tektronix P5122:

Key performance specifications
  • Tektronix P5100A
    • DC to 500 MHz
    • 2500 VPeak, 1000 VRMS CAT II
    • 100X with readout coding
  • Tektronix TPP0850
    • DC to 800 MHz
    • 2500 VPeak, 1000 VRMS CAT II
    • 50X with readout coding
    • Designed for use with the MSO/DPO5000 and MSO/DPO4000B Series Oscilloscopes
  • Tektronix P5122
    • DC to 200 MHz
    • 1000 VRMS CAT II when DC-coupled*1
    • 100 X
    • Floatable up to 600 VRMS CAT II
    • For TPS2000 and THS3000 Series Oscilloscopes
  • Tektronix P5150
    • DC to 500 MHz
    • 2500 VPeak, 1000 VRMS CAT II
    • 50 X
    • Floatable up to 600 VRMS CAT II or 300 VRMS CAT III
    • For TPS2000 and THS3000 Series Oscilloscopes
  • Tektronix P6015A
    • DC to 75 MHz
    • High Voltage – 20 kV DC / 40 kV Peak (100 ms Pulse Width)
    • Optional 1000X readout coding
  • Power supply design
  • Design motor drive
  • Electronic ballast
  • Power semiconductors
  • Switch mode control
  • UPS systems
  • Power converters

P5100A High-Voltage Probe

The P5100A is a low input capacitance, high-voltage probe (2.5 kV) designed for higher-frequency applications. The probe can be compensated to match plug-ins and oscilloscopes with nominal input capacitances of 7-30 pF. A variety of screw-on accessories provide easy connection to the device-under-test.

TPP0850 High-Voltage Probe

The TPP0850 offers the industry’s highest bandwidth probe (800 MHz) for high-voltage signals (up to 2500 Vp-p). This is ideal for testing power semiconductors and switch-mode power supplies, which continue to increase in switching speed to minimize power loss, creating a need for faster rise time, higher bandwidth, and higher voltage probes. The TPP0850 meets this need and can be used with switching transistor circuits operating at 1200 VRMS, above the voltage operating range of standard general-purpose probes. It will also be able to accommodate emerging power applications that will require even faster rise time capabilities.

P5150 and P5122 IsolatedChannel™ Applications

In many applications, it is important to be able to isolate the measurement from earth ground and also to isolate the common voltage between channels. The P5150 or P5122, coupled with the TPS2000 and THS3000 Series digital storage oscilloscopes, deliver both the isolation for the measurement from earth ground and full isolation between the channels. The P5150 is the recommended probe for measuring ripple on high-voltage DC supplies. The P5122 probe should not be used on the TPS2000 Series oscilloscopes for AC-coupled measurements on signals with greater than 300 V DC offset.

P6015A High-Voltage Probe

For heavy-duty high-performance measurements of voltages over 2.5 kV, the P6015A is the industry standard. You can measure DC voltages up to 20 kVRMSand pulses up to 40 kV (peak, 100 ms duration). The 75 MHz bandwidth enables you to capture fast, high-voltage signals.

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